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McHenry Mansion

The McHenry Mansion

McHenry Mansion

The McHenry Museum

McHenry Museum


Famous Folks who walked on McHenry Ave.

Darth vadar on Violin the street is not McHenry

List of famous Modesto-born people including George Lucas

Modesto Man:  Is it Lucas? Condit? Peterson?

History of this McHenry Medical Group Website

See above the web counter near the bottom of this web page.  Please note, the McHenry Medical Group has their own website.  This is not the official website for the McHenry Medical Group.  If you need to visit the McHenry Medical Group website, please visit Google and type in McHenry Medical Group.

visit the McHenry Medical Group:

1541 Florida Ave, Suite 200
Modesto, CA 95350

Phone (209) 577-3388

Modesto City    

To schedule an appointment,
please call (209) 551-1888
or email staff [at]

Modesto Plastic Surgeon, Board Certified by ABPS in Plastic Surgery.  This is a symbol of a board certified plastic surgeon, tummy tuck

Surgical Artistry Inc.
T. Tammy Wu, MD - Plastic Surgeon
Calvin Lee, MD - General Surgeon, Acupuncturist

2336 Sylvan Ave. Suite C
Modesto, CA 95355

(209) 551-1888

Modesto, CA

Call us:   (209) 551-1888
Write us:  staff [at]

Tammy Wu, MD - Plastic Surgeon
Calvin Lee, MD - General Surgeon

  Modesto City

Plastic Surgery

General Surgery

Vein Procedures




Cosmetic Surgery Expertise includes:
Breast augmentation / Breast implants
Tummy Tuck / Abdominoplasty
Liposuction / Body contouring
Thigh lift / Buttock lift
Face lift / Neck lift

Modesto Plastic Surgeon, Board Certified by ABPS in Plastic Surgery.  This is a symbol of a board certified plastic surgeon, tummy tuck


Our web pages (among about 100 others - these are just the highlights):

[Modesto Plastic Surgery with Dr. Tammy Wu]  [New to Modesto?]  [General Surgery]  [Veins]
[Acupuncture / Alternative Medicine] [Breast Implant FAQ]  [Beyond Nip Tuck]  [Docs Play the Pops]

Modesto Violin Hobbies (not really medical, but ask me - I have a medical correlation with music)

track 1 - mp3  1.4 megs (c) material Surgical Artistry Medical Group

track 2 - mp3  .5 megs (c) material Surgical Artistry Medical Group

track 3 - mp3  .9 megs (c) material Surgical Artistry Medical Group


Me, Myself, I - .mp3  .5 megs.  Electric Violin with piano. (c) Calvin Lee, General Surgeon added 2/15/07

Violcano - mp3 - 3.2 megs Improv by (c) Calvin Lee while at McHenry Medical Group 2006.  Violin by F.L Pique late 1700's.  Recording in mono with dictaphone (poor quality).  Yup, it was spur of the moment improv after listening to the original Volcano version once.  Sorry Damien:  I thought your Mona Lisa needed a mustache.

Our Medical Colleagues

McHenry Plastic Surgery McHenry General Surgery Modesto Surgery schedule

McHenry Surgery Center Map (it's on McHenry Ave.)

Map of 1524 Mchenry Ave
Modesto, CA 95350-4500


new to modesto plastic surgery building in village one








We're (Surgical Artistry Inc) located next to the post office on Sylvan Avenue (2336 Sylvan Ave, Modesto, CA) 209-551-1888.
Modesto Plastic Surgery Home

Valley Laser Care Countervisitors to this page which was the McHenry Medical Group page that I was making for the McHenry Medical Group while I was at there.

To Lisa / Jim,  Keep in touch!  My medical office number is (209) 551-1888. 
My email breastcancerdoc [at]

(c) images and music Calvin Lee, MD Board Certified General Surgeon.  All rights reserved.

In case you're looking for my previous group:  The McHenry Medical Group

Please visit their website.  I registered this domain while I was working at the McHenry Medical Group, but I had since departed.  My last day with the McHenry Medical Group was May 24, 2006.  This is no longer an official website of any sort.  You can email the folks at McHenry Medical Group: or   I no longer need this McHenry Medical Group domain and here are some others.  McHenry Medical Group introduced a new General Surgeon around October 2007.  Welcome to Modesto!

McHenry Village

McHenry Village

McHenry Village from Visit Modesto

Pros and Cons (Benefits and Drawbacks) of being in a Medical Group

Medical Group or not to group.


What else could you be looking for related Modesto, McHenry, and Medical Groups?

This is a small sampling of some of websites that you might find of use.  Some of these were made by Calvin Lee when he wasn't on call during his years at McHenry Medical Group.

Modesto Plastic Surgery - web resources, home grown, created at a leisurely pace:

About the Music that autoloads

The music that you may automatically hear with this web page is improv that I did on my violin with a recording of Damien Rice's Volcano, while I was at the McHenry Medical Group.

Calvin Lee, MD General Surgeon is no longer with the McHenry Medical Group
Calvin Lee MD, Board Certified Modesto General Surgeon on live TV discussing vein diseases (2007).

I'm still in Modesto, no longer affiliated with the McHenry Medical Group but I'm now affiliated, associated, work with, recommend:

Other things I've done since McHenry Medical Group days

Won an award.  But I actually got this after I left the McHenry Medical Group.  This was given to me by the Family Practice Residents whom I taught during my years with the McHenry Medical Group.


Made building plans.  This place has the potential for 11 exam rooms.  Almost as big as the McHenry Medical Group.


Put signs on the side of the building (Surgical Artistry, Inc) 209-551-1888.


Moved into yet a bigger house.  This is a picture of my "old" house that I moved out from.  We took the picture, it made the cover of this real estate book.  Taking time off from the McHenry Medical Group helped me with my move.


Our vein center is a national training center for vein procedures and surgeries.


McHenry County - in case you were looking for McHenry County in Illinois

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Dr. Calvin Lee's facility at Surgical Artistry Inc.(209) 551-1888, located next to post office on Sylvan Ave.:

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